The Stork – An English Inn

Today Hubs and I decided to eat out, no special day and nothing was planned, it was just a spur of the moment thing. Lancaster, where I live, is a quaint British town and has a limited choice of Restaurants. We have actually covered most places in the past three years. Today, we decided to travel on the road less travelled and drove into rural Lancashire for a bite to eat.

We ended up at ‘The Stork’ , an old charming English Inn in the village of Conder Green a few miles from Lancaster. The inn has been there for centuries, at least since 1660, when it had a thatched roof. The current name dates from the 19th Century, as storks appear on the family crest of the then-owners of the estate.

The view is of countryside with grasslands as far as the eye can see, sprinkled liberally with farm animals like sheep and horses. It is peaceful and a  perfect setting for winding down after a work day.
We reached the pub when it was relatively quiet, soon the regulars to the pub could bee seen crowding near the Bar and sipping on cider and ales.
We ordered at the Bar and took a table opposite the Bar. The pub is typically English with lots of wooden beams and tables. It is dimly lit, but the summer light filtering through the windows was bright enough. We decided against sitting out as the air was a bit chilly and it is no fun eating your food while shivering.

With the World Cup in the air, the inn had south African cuisine which we decided to order. Hubs went for a dish called Sosaties and a diet coke. I went for a Lancashire Chicken and a glass of white wine, ‘Pinot Grigio’ (I love dry wines which are not too sweet).
The food arrived in a matter of minutes and it looked delicious.

Hubby’s dish reminded me of skewered kebabs with a side dish of potato and peas and rocket salad.14062010(003)
Feast Your eyes people.

My dish turned out to be a piece of Chicken breast wrapped in Bacon, drizzled with a creamy cheese sauce accompanied by new potatoes and spinach. Yummy.

We had a lovely meal and thoroughly enjoyed the food. Though I am not a fan of British food, the food at 'The Stork' was one of the best I have ever had. The service was good and ambience was nice and quiet (I guess because we were there on a Monday evening).

P.S: I decided to click pictures after we had already started digging in, so you might see some portion of the food missing in the pictures :)


  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous (both the place and the food).
    I love the chicken dish you mentioned you'd had :D

    I am glad you had a lovely time and enjoyed a yummy meal :)

  2. I love anything with creamy sauce and your chicken dish sure looks good! My dad and brothers have the soccer worldcup fever over here. I'm not that into sports so I really have no idea why the excitement.

  3. The place looks really quaint and inviting. The food, let's try it sometime, hmmm

  4. The food looks yum. But Lancaster has limited eating joints? It should learn from Gurgaon.:D

  5. The place looks so serene and inviting. Food?? Looks very tempting!!
    Glad you had a good time!!
    Cheers :)

  6. Your chicken dish looks really yummy.
    What a quaint place, I wish we could go to such places to eat and enjoy a quiet meal. Mumbai has too many people and too many places to eat. People in India have forgotten what solitude means...

  7. LP, I am in love with all things English. Scones n pies n Brit accents n Hugh Grant, u get the picture :) the outing seemed lovely n tranquil. n ur dish..yumcious beyond anything....m at a high risk of over-eating tonight..LOL..

  8. That's great. 1660? That's really old. The Football fever is catching up everywhere. I was at McDonald's yesterday and they had dressed Ronald McDonald in Jerseys. I know, Scary!
    Glad you had a good time.

  9. The place does look very inviting!

  10. Hmmm... sometimes these inns have amazing food. We dined at one during our recent visit to the Niagara.Enjoyed reading and drooling.

  11. Yummy, yum, yum... my tummy feels hungry now... :D beautiful place... thanks for sharing... I hope I get to visit it some time!!

  12. Old world charm! The pic of the pub and the 350 + years of history fascinates me more than the food :D

  13. you shouldnt have put the pictures... now at this hour i am feeling sooo hungry :)

  14. I love eating at English pubs - I have already eaten in pubs in about four English counties...Need to add to the count..:) Shall put Stork on the list for my visit to Lancaster...

  15. That inn looks amazing and given a choice I would prefer it to any big new hotels... Loved reading this blog and sort of shared your wonderful day with you ...

  16. Yevdyashya jevanani tumcha poat kasa bharta mala kalat nahi! :))


  17. Hmmm.....Perfect tranquil settings for a private dinner .....Loved the look of the place.....

  18. If theres one thing about England, its those quaint country side restaurants, giving you the warm fuzzy homely feel. Wonderful pics of the food.....look absolutely delightful.
    You should click more pics of your wanderings for us desi ppl back here!!! :)

  19. Nice post specially given the bad press English food gets. Photographs taken after a few bites. Tell me about it :)

  20. I knew there was something good in here the moment I saw the topic. Good one! You have made me jealous.. ;)

  21. I love these quaint English pubs...though I am not a regular in anyone of them, I like the atmosphere in them, of regulars relaxing with a pint, dogs playing about, the jokes, the laughter and of course good food :-) By the way I am Suchi and new to your blog...great space :-)


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