You think you are funny?

Come Wednesday and the entire Blogworld is filled with 'Wordless Wednesday' posts. I thought of going the opposite way and here presenting you first time ever, a Caption Contest at Lazy Pineapple called 'You think you are funny?'.

Now for some rules:

1) You can send as many entries as you want.
2) Please post your caption in the comment section of this post.
3) The winner will be declared by Monday of the following week.
4) No plagiarism, no racial slurs or insults will be tolerated. That entry will be rejected outright.
5) The decision of the judge (Me) is final :)
6) The winner will receive the Golden Trophy below as a prize, which he/she can proudly display on their websites.

You think you are funny?  1.0

Please write a caption for the Picture below

Good luck, all of you!!


  1. "But I thought you said in the potty...not on it!"

  2. Was someone trying to FLUSH their little troubles down the loo????

  3. Mommy! the small bath tub smells horrible

  4. Mommy there's a hole in the chair!!

  5. i was just checking where the water comes from!!

  6. 1.(un)rest room
    2. Harry Potty :P

    ok .. since you said multiple entries are allowed . will return later :P

  7. "stuffed toilet!"

    "kiddie in the potty"

    "I'm not fitting in"

    "Space constraint"

    "To-let in the toilet"

  8. 1. I thought I would take a dip here since the bath tub was full.

    2.What happened to my fish?

  9. It's my potty and I'll cry if I want to. You would cry too if it happened to you.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Everyone can't be "Potty Man". Little Johny learned his lesson when he tried to flush himself and go save the world!

  12. No racial comments....damn here goes my chance :)

    so you being the judge...can i bribe you..... :)

    for the contest
    1. MOM "i told you to flush THE doodie ".

    2. "Need some serious toilet lessons".

  13. 1. I did what you've been singing to me, "Poop IN the Potty"
    2. Waste management confusion!

  14. 1) "Not at all a-l-oo-ring"

    2) mom, something again sliped from inside and i cant find it now.

  15. I need a quick fix out of this fix!!

  16. LOL this is interesting ;)
    I luved Abha's. Will be bk :)

  17. Mommy, some worms bullied me in the sch-LOO!

  18. "This is child labour-making a kid clean his own poo."
    "I said I feel like a 'pot of tea', and she put me in here...arghh!!
    "I should never have said "Oh,Shit" to my Mom."

  19. just like the detergent ad
    "maa main gir gaya" :P

  20. mom i suffer from pottymania..err..pottermania..

  21. lolzzz at the comments ... hillarious...

    "Hmm isn't the best place to hide from momma"

  22. "The bath tub was too big and i wanted to conserve"

  23. "Mamma..They told us that Black holes exist in galaxies but We have one White hole in our home!!"

  24. "Ooops! I forgot my swimming costume!"

  25. "Didn't you cuddle up to me and say that someday my Raja Beta will help me find where all the shit in life comes from??"

  26. mooooooooom! lazypineapple is taking my bath photos for her blog:)

  27. I promise I will pull up the seat cover next time!

  28. Aha!!! This is so cool! :)

    Now I think the kid is saying this:
    "There are no fishies in this bowl!!! Waaaah!!!"

    "I have poop on my branded pants! Waaaah!!!" I knw that was obvious. But who said kids ain't smart! ;)

  29. POO-l MeH Outt!

    Candid Crap

    Never Say Never Again!

    Party Pooper!

    Momma! this potty is eatin me

    I'll be back if i think oh other captions.

  30. Hope I am not too late to attempt ....

    "Honey..hand me the chainsaw!!"

    "Hello 911, we have a situation..Roger is In and Out at the same time"

    "Honey ...I told ya ...Super Glue would not work !!"

    "You are so grounded stop crying and get me a beer!!"

    "For the last time ... say Please Sir".

    Totally enjoyed doing this.I know I am going to be roasted in hell !! First time at your blog. Am going to explore now. You have a new follower.


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