Mothers Day Special

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'Maa' used to be a constant fixture in Hindi movies in the 80's and 90's. A stoic and sacrificing figure, wearing a white sari and always a picture of love and devotion. A mother who was always bent over a sewing machine or working at a construction site. A mother who never forgot to make 'gajar ka halwa' and 'kheer' for her son. When talking of celluloid mothers how can we forget Nirupa Roy in the movie 'Deewar'. Hindi Cinema established once and for all...if you have 'Maa' then you don't need Gadi, Bangla or Paisa. 

Here is tribute to 'MAA' on this mothers day.

And thus the story continues....

P.S: If you observe, all the 'Maa''s in Hindi movies doted on their sons...the celluloid daughters always got this..

Happy Mothers day !!!


  1. Kahani puri filmi hai......

  2. Okay, I wish I can read Hindi (is it Hindi?) Must be a great movie...

  3. Hahahha... total filmi and humourous... Good fun in the end...

    To add the above list...
    "Mere Karan Arjun aayenge, mere Karan Arjun aayenge..."

    "Ja simran ja...Raj isko leke chale jaa... yaha tumhare pyar ko samjhne wala koi nahi..." DDLJ

    HAHK Salman "Mummy ji"... Dont remember the dialogs...

  4. think Nirupa Roy would be the most type cast actor after the guy i don't remember his name who always played police inspector......

    good compilation ........ i think we can add Reema Lagoo to the "Always Mother" list..... :)

  5. Outrageously funny. And true the mothers in hindi cinema completely ignored the daughters. On top of that they got the worst mothers-in law. So they had nobody except god." jiske paas maa nahin uske paas bhagwan hain"

  6. :) lovely compilation and the punch line was the best! so true!

  7. hindi movies are interesting! i love those scenes. how warm and touching. a mom's love never fails me. i love my mom soooo much! <3

  8. Nirupa Roy is the perfect filmy mother.You caught it ekdam right......Your real Maa and Maa in law liked this.

  9. This was good. u took me back to the olden doordarshan days too!!
    happy mothers day

  10. Vadia.

    I love that Maa me pass ho gaya.. uttered by an obvious thirty something hero to a fifty something mom

  11. Shilpa: Thanks :)

    Savvy: haan poori filmi hai :)

    Nish: Totally...

    Rosebelle: sorry dear...the woman in the pictures always portrayed a mothers character in Bollywood movies. She was always the helpless and the poor mother....and the dialogues are all from Hindi movies which have become well known over the years :)

    Karan: Those are some mighty powerful 'maa' dialogues. Thanks :)

    Hitesh: You are talking about Iftekaar, he used to always play the inspectors role...
    Hmm no one can beat Nirupa though...

  12. Rohan: Thanks :)

    The knife: Ahh Lalita pawar...I did not put her cause this was a tribute to good mothers and not the evil kind.

    Magiceye: I am glad you like it :)

    Vinda: Welcome to my Blog :)

    Subu: Happy Mothers day :)

    Avdi: heheh...that was the case in most hindi movies....

  13. lolzzzz :D the typical maa of bollywood :D loved it :)

  14. Ha ha , there was a time when she was the only mother figure in Hindi cinema.

  15. This is an epic post! A lot of effort goes into these sorts of posts that contain screenshots, but I'm curious what all films you got the Nirupa Roy-Amitabh screenshots from. (Couldn't identify them all)

  16. lols.. a very lovly n funny post. True ending.

  17. Rajl: Thanks :)

    Sonali: Thanks dear :)

    Haddock: yeah, she is the most famous Bollywood mother.

    Anirban: Oh took me more than 4 hours to write this post. You have Amar, Akbar, Anthony & Deewar. Thanks :)

  18. Oh gawd those cliche corny weirdly engrossing hindi movies of the 70's.And Nirupa Roy lol.
    Nice post :)
    P.S:Read my entry too if you can :)

  19. Lolz gud one..btw todays filmy Maas are sumtimes even sexier than their child.. ;-)

  20. Sam: I am glad you liked the post :)

    Rahul: I agree...totally :P

  21. I love this!! Our movies do a lot of damage by creating such stereotypes. I have written two posts called 'Can an Indian daughter say, "Mere paas maa hai"?' :|

  22. Hahahaaa...My first time here. You rock! This was the funniest post ever! :))

    For some reason I used to find Nirupa Roy scary in my childhood days and a little khadoos too!

    PS: just saw that you had 99 followers and thought I's be the 100th. :D

  23. ha ha :D loved the picture talk!!!

    To all the moms of the world - maa tujhe salaam!

  24. IHM: :( so agree with you...I will go and check your post...

    Choco: :D Welcome..and thank you so much for following me and making it a century...;;) I started following you too..

  25. ROFL-nice collection,LP.:)Can recall a lot of such scenes from Nirupamaji.:)

  26. Did she slap him in the second pic? I couldn't get what they were talking. But understood a bit from the expressions...:)
    The comment boxes are looking amazing. Good job!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  27. Amit: thanks :) you have been missing for quite some time now...

    Mr. Stupid: Yes she did...oh no...I should have put the translation in english...these are scenes from old bollywood movies.

    I like the comment box too :D

  28. LOL unusual is always beautiful. loved this. Bollywood moms and the TV moms are so bloody inspirational. Ask my MIL , she swears by them .. :D

  29. Mere paas bhi maa hai! Hehe! Funny Funny Post :o) ... Can't wait for the Father's Day Post now! Hehehe

  30. Tikuli: Aree these serials are very addictive...I had started watching a couple of them and then literally had to make myself stop watching...thanks :)

    Tanvi: Ahh now there you have given me an Idea for a new post...can't thank you enough :)

  31. L. P.

    Fantastic post. And Congratulations on your selection in the contest. These old movies were from "my time ":-).......

  32. LOL!!!Whatta tribute to moms :))

  33. ROFL! The funniest post ever in this contest and I've read about twenty five this far... Nice work! :D

    Keep writing!


  34. Anju: Thanks sis :)

    The Virgin Author : Thanks...kahani poori filmi hai :P

    Ugich Konitari: Thank you :)

    Indiyeah: Thanks so much :)

    Ramaa: Thank you :) I loved your post too...

    Sandhya: Thanks :)

  35. Congratulations LP(I love to call you that because it is abbr of my fav music group)
    I was checking out winners on blogadda and was so overjoyed to see your blog among winners.

  36. LOL...LOL...:)

    Awesome post yaar..:)

  37. Farila: Thank you dear :)

    Vishal: I am glad you liked the post :)

  38. LOL .. thatz awesome! U made it so different and interesting :) Congratulations :)


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