I am an exercise freaker...I try to stay away from it as much as possible. It is much easier in the winter months when you can give excuse of the weather and become a complete couch potato. The fingers on my right hand have got so much exercise flipping the television channels, that I could actually run a marathon if ever there was a finger marathon.

Since last month the excuse of the weather being too cold started sounding lame and I had to pick up my butt and start going for a brisk walk in evening. I have been pretty regular and I walk along the Lancaster Canal. The first few days were an actual pain, I could feel my unused muscles protesting vehemently at this uncalled torture. Slowly I fell in the rhythm and now I can actually hear the the songs on my cellphone rather than my brain enticing me with intelligent suggestions of going and parking my butt in the depression in the couch.

As everyday, yesterday evening I started my walk. After walking for about fifteen minutes I decided to take the great risk of jogging. I had seen many people jogging everyday and thought 'Well this can't be hard, if that oldish chap can do it so can I, after all it is just putting one foot in front of another'.

I started off at a slow trot and managed to cover some distance before my lungs signalled me to stop and I had no say in the matter. I kept walking and resumed my jogging on my return lap... I was feeling quite excited and could hear the calories dropping away. The world was looking beautiful and I must have managed to cover nearly 1/2 a mile..ok ok 1/3rd of a mile...sheesh you guys, how much difference can one digit make?

I was in the zone, feeling pretty good about myself, even had a few drops of sweat on my brow when a figure in black dashed past me. I saw the backside of a lithe woman dressed in black Lycra shorts jogging with complete ease and taking smooth confident strides. Her shapely behind made my eyes pop out (guys, here is a secret for you, even we check out women's back sides) and I suddenly felt deflated, I stopped jogging and sheepishly resumed walking. Within a matter of few minutes the woman was a speck on the horizon and all I could say was, 'bummer'. 

I had to half drag my feet back home, added to that was the weight of self realization that jogging is not for everyone. Some people make it look so good whereas I ended up looking like a beetroot about to collapse of a heart attack. And the fact, that my knees just gave a protesting creak as I sat down to write this post.


  1. Am i the first one here?

  2. ok.. i am the first one... hehe... I didn't know y some ppl make so much fuss when they come first to a blog post... But i'm not one of them and i'll control myself ...

    Ok forget wot i said above... i'm the first one here... Yipee!! Hurrey!!! Yahoo!! (the one copyrighted by Shammi Kapoor).. I come first..yay!!

    Ok enough of the celebrations i guess... Now about the post, it is filled with such lines that made me show my teeth unconsciously!

    The fingers on my right hand have got so much exercise flipping the television channels, that I could actually run a marathon if ever there was a finger marathon.
    Seriously, who else could have thought of participating in Finger Marathon..

    going and parking my butt in the depression in the couch.
    I sometimes envy u guys... of course in a good way! How do u think of such stuff..

    And there was another one - nearly 1/2 a mile..ok ok 1/3rd of a mile...sheesh you guys, how much difference can one digit make?

    Her shapely behind made my eyes pop out (guys, here is a secret for you, even we check out women's back sides) and I suddenly felt deflated Well that was some secret revealed!! though i hav a feelin that the reason men and women check "that" out is totally different!

    LP this post definitely will make my day nice!!!

  3. Yeh, even I can barely jog 10 steps before I start seeing yamdoot.

    However, swimming is another matter.

  4. You mean her shapely behind did not inspire you!!?!!
    :) Jokes apart find your sport. Maybe jogging isn't it. :)

    Lovely blog!

  5. Very funny sis. And I am so proud of you for starting the walk. You never know, the slow jogging can eventually get you to be a great runner :)

  6. it almost echoed my thoughts LP !!!

    I hate exercising and I HAVE to exercise !!

    God is grateful to those who don't need exercise but are willing to sweat at 20kmph :P

    But this post at least made me feel that I must resume my brisk evening walk...the need of the hour :)

  7. Sigh! Exercise :(. I am one of the world's most undisciplined creature but it is something I have to do. Hate it though

  8. I'm with you on this one. I just can't exercise and when I do go for a stroll, die-hard exercise people in their shorts short or skin tight clothes make me shake my head. Why? Cos c'mon, is it really necessary to dress like that and jog? Anyways, I ran 1/4 of a mile (tested myself at a track and field) and I was breathless. Ugghhh..not good at all.

  9. Jog ... what is that ... the only excercise I know is to pick up the temote to the remote !! ;) ...O.K .. I made that up ...there is no such thing as a remote for a remote..... enjoyed the post ...and related to it ..every 1/3rd of that mile !!

  10. start with a brisk walk, avoid hard surface and start jogging as your stamina increases.my daily routine is a brisk walk of 5 kms, 1 km jog followed by yoga .

  11. Start with a walk and increase the distance and intensity. They key is to exercise on a regular basis. Even if it's for a short time. Later, you will feel weird NOT working out. If that doesn't motivate you, I have two words:
    Heart Attack. Now hit the pavement. Good luck. :)

  12. I walk but i can not jog. Ever. My lungs give away after a few strides. And my poor knees protest and the ankles just give up. So I never jog. But yoga, hmm, thats my passion.

  13. Wow! that was a superb post LP :)
    Loved every bit of the awesome narration :D :D
    I am not a TV buff so my fingers are at rest except while typing stories :D :D
    I am an exercise lover, the day I don't go for a run or do cycling I feel low in energy and tired all day.

    I am not much of a jogger but yeah running and cycling make up 6km of my daily workout :D :D

  14. Heyyy...don't give up so soon,LP...forget jogging,if it's not inspirational enuf. Try brisk walking, mp3 player and phones in place...and enjoy the music- the walks come automatically...at least,that's what I've learnt. The day I go without the player,office thoughts make to feel bugged...hahaha.:)

  15. wow you actually managed to graduate from the couch to the track! super!!

  16. The idea of walking is good but jogging...eeeuuuww. I prefer reading a book instead, half reclining on a bed. Honestly I feel pathetic for being such a lazy person...I prefer my mind to wonder about while letting my body stay put at one place...I know I have realized this quite often, but I was never being able to go beyond it...got anyone to blame???...hahaha The same old box on my shoulders(brain/mind).

  17. Y'know, I hate exercising outdoors (though I loved the gym years ago). But I started walking in the mornings last week and it is so not helpful that it's getting colder each day. I do jog a little...but like 1-3 minutes. And I see these fit women in the morning in shorts (when I am in a jumper and trackies) jogging with ease. Does not help motivation!! =P

  18. After Oongli cricket, time for oongli marathon!

    I also think of doing exercise, jogging walking, etc and I do it regularly, for 30 mins... 30 mins in my dreams before waking up!!!

    Try this new formula, it works! lol

  19. Savvy: congrats for being the first to comment :P
    I am flattered :) by your comment...I actually thought of writing this post when I was huffing and puffing during jogging.

    Avdi: Yamdoot...hahah well I don't know swimming :(

    Choco: I wish it had...yeah but am sticking to walking...nothing like observing butts during a peaceful walk :)

    Anju: Thanks sis for your motivation...I hope it happens..

    Nu: Chalo...I have inspired somebody..one good deed I did :P

    Ritu: Join the club...the people who hate it need to do it...sooo unfair :P

    Rose: haha...I know exactly what you mean...darn those shapely assed people

    LEB: ahh a unique name...pray.. tell me the meaning of the name...
    welcome to my blog :) hope you enjoy the fun ride here...

  20. Ashish: Holy crap...you just made me feel sheepish again :P
    I just don't get it...how can you manage so much exercise :)

    Israel: ahhh that was totally below the belt sucker punch...I have been walking everyday for 30 mins and am increasing the distance...see I even tried jogging...gimme some credit :P

    Aparna: That is great....Yoga is so good for meditation...

    Chatterbox: Wow...I must say there are a lot of fitness buffs in the blogging world...this is cool..Thanks :)

    Amit: I am not giving up...I am taking a brisk everyday...I am not giving up jogging too...will try again and again :)

    Magiceye: Thanks :)

    Wanderer: I know what you mean...I used be the same but I have seen that the day I went for a walk I feel really positive and motivated..do try it..

    PB: hehe yep...motivation does take a hit...I am determined to try the jogging bit some more..

    Karan: entire winter I did that...dream exercising :P

  21. You're doing better than I am. The only exercise I get is wandering from room to room wondering what the hell I came in here for.

  22. just looking at so many lazy people gives me a sense of achievement!!!yipeeee

  23. Exercise is not my cup of tea or sweat too :D and you have written it the way I feel when I push myself to walking/jogging.

    Ok ... when I return to bangalore, I should like robin hood restart my walking attempt :P

  24. nearly 1/2 a mile..ok ok 1/3rd of a mile...sheesh you guys, how much difference can one digit make?

    Hahaha that really cracked me up.Just started reading your post first thing in the morning.Your anecdotes always make me smile. :)
    And I think you need to keep on jogging....don't get disheartened by the progress of other people in this err venture.
    I think with time even you'll get better at it.

  25. The meaning is anything but sense ... it is all a big 'confusion'....loving it !!

  26. My weight is also perfect, i am just six inches short:-)one thing I have figured out is that you have to find the right physical activity for urself..something u love becoz thats the only way u can sustain it:-)

  27. Good job with the Jogging. At least you tried. I get giddy when I get to the park. Since, I am not there, I never walk nor jog! LOL

    BTW, digits never matter. I would have ignored it even if you said 112 miles and 1/2 mile! hehe

    Maybe, the woman in black was the best jogger in the world whose name I can't remember. The next time you see her, ask her for tutoring you...:)

  28. I am always worried that a dog might chase me while I jog. So I always walk :D

  29. I need to motivate myself for a walk or exercise... though going for a walk is more interesting. But i nearly always let go after a few days. Your blog comes as a reminder that i need to go back for my own good :)

  30. Guess what?,you have company..I look so funny when I try to jog, I have decided not to try it in public,ever!

  31. Hehehe.. I can totally relate to this post... Hate jogging tho.. its not walking.. its like wimpy running..

  32. Was lazy like you... but now that I have started walking... It really helps me unwind and also shed those awful calories :P

  33. Jayne: haha your comment is hilarious...pretty soon I will be just like that...

    WJ: Ahh that is so good then :P

    LR: I think you should...it feels great even to take a brisk walk...

    Sam: Thanks dear :) and yes I am still jogging...albeit going red in the face...

    LEB: Fun in chaos...enjoy :)

    Sonali: I agree with you on that...I like walking and I am sticking to it and also trying to jog...

    Mr. Stupid: hmmm...maybe the fresh air really shakes up your grey cells :P

    Moulee: That is actually a natural fear in India...gosh those strays can be really scary...

    Abha: Maybe listening to music might help...it always helps me and now a days I look forward to my walk...

    Ana_treek: Thankfully where I live nobody cares how you walk talk or dress...you should just not care what people think and do what pleases you..

    Itsnot funny: Welcome to my space :) ahhh yes it is but someday I hope I would be able to jog with ease...

    Shilpa: Good for you, welcome to my blog...keep it up..

  34. I share your pain wholeheartedly. I have to get up every morning at 6am to hit the gym and try to burn away all the calories I gained while studying.
    Can you imagine after running for 20 minutes on the treadmill, at 7km/hr, the dastardly machine says you've lost only 130 calories which is equivalent to a small potato.
    I've taken up dieting recently....and I hate every minute of it.
    Oh and the reason I'm subjecting myself to this torture......those jerks on tv strutting about with their well formed pecs and six packs.....making me burn with jealousy!!!!

  35. LOL! Thats exactly why I dont even try!!!

  36. awww... I was so happy when I went to the gym last evening and they told me that they close by 8 PM. I almost hugged the girl at the desk and skipped back home at twice the speed

  37. Sigh, I am as plus sized as one can get.  I do my stretches but then I go park my backside in a comfy couch, and wish the calories melt away.


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