Betrayal- A fiction story

He watched them through his night binoculars. Andre was sitting in his car outside the fancy Italian Restaurant on Aldcliffe Road. They had been sipping champagne in flute glasses and munching on cheese. 

He saw his wife Anna, whisper something in her friends ears and they both laughed. Anna looked radiant in her black dress and the diamond earrings he had given her on their 15th wedding Anniversary. Her friend was a handsome man and they both looked good together. Andre was in love with his wife and it made him angry when he saw that his wife did not love him anymore.

Anna was a beautiful woman and all eyes were on her whenever she entered any room. It had made him proud but also insecure many times. A few months back he had felt her drifting away from him. He had blamed it on his imagination and work stress which kept him away from her. He could not pinpoint to what made him feel this way. She behaved the same way as before but he knew something had changed between them. 

Today, he had decided to follow her and find out the truth. Andre had told her that he would be away for two days on a business trip.  He had sat in a rented car in front of his own house and watched her through the binoculars as she got ready for her evening. He saw her get into car and drive to the restaurant. He saw her meet this stranger at the restaurant.

He could see that they both knew each other very well. It was not a first date and they looked comfortable with each other.  The man was lean, tall and well dressed. He had charm and sophistication. It seemed to Andre that Anna was very serious about this affair and that she had started loving this stranger.

Andre felt angry and betrayed. All throughout the marriage he had been faithful to her and had loved her. He had worked hard to provide for them. He did not deserve this. His blood boiled at the thought of his wife in this strangers arm.  How could she have fallen out of love with him? He had many questions he wanted to ask her. 

As Anna and her friend moved to the last course in their meal, Andre watched them through the Binoculars. His anger had reached dangerous levels and he wanted to confront his wife. He saw them finish their meal and come out of the restaurant. The stranger called for his car and his wife slid in the passenger seat. They drove off and Andre started following them.

After thirty minutes the car stopped in front of a big house. Anna and the stranger got out of the car and moved towards the front door. The door clicked shut after them and the lights came on inside the house.

Andre checked his gun. He cocked off the safety and got out of the car. He went and rang the doorbell. Anna opened the door. Her face went white when she saw the gun in his hands. She was speechless and backed off in the living room 

Andres’s eyes were filled with hatred. He shot her pointblank in her face, all the time screaming why? Why did you do it? Why did you not love me anymore?

Anna collapsed in a heap on the floor. The stranger rushed to Anna’s side. Andre dropped the gun to the floor and in daze sat on the chair behind him. He looked up to see a decorated sign above the fireplace. It said



  1. Nice story!! :) Well written.

  2. Ay, yi, yi!!!!

    Note to self: do not ever eat at an Italian restaurant on Aldcliffe Road!

    Great story Ms. Pineapple!

  3. nice ending...a twist of fate

    I have such a bad memory I can't remember where I read you following you...please read my poems if you find the time

  4. I usually hate these kind of incidences where passions take over common sense. The fact that I hated this one proves that it is very well written :p

    keep up the good work :)

  5. Well written..

    I have seen a Hindi movie named Aggar on the same plot.. Although the movie has all additional masala.. but plot is same..

    Read the story below...


  6. Anju : Thanks sis :)

    Quirky: hehe there is no restaurant on that are saved...Thanks :)

    Nalini: Thanks :) will definitely have a look...

    gtoospehere : Ha...passion and suspicion...there has to be trust and belief.

    Aditi : well...after all bollywood does make stories on real life...btw I have not seen that movie so cannot comment on it.

    But this story was completely conceptualized by moi...

    Rev: Thanks dear:)

  7. nice..I like the style of writing!!

  8. Well done LP, very Othelloesque (if that's a word).

  9. Harman : Thanks :)

    Anirban: Yep pretty Shakespearean...took a page from his book

  10. Gosh!!! My heart skipped a beat when I read the last line!!!

    You are so good at writing this!!! Taut narrative!!!

  11. smita : ha! Glad I was able to have that effect :) Thanks dear....

  12. Loved the way it flowed.....

  13. superb climax..fate always plays a vital role in lives..Nice post..:)

  14. Your story made me sad. *Pout*.

    But in a nice way :) - got so damn involved with it, that I felt totally frustrated with Andre, at the end of the story. I mean, what an idiot.

    Okay, so you get it that I am hopeless already ;) - but it's proof for how effective your story was! *Very* effective. :)

  15. Shikha : thanks dear :) Yes sometimes passion blinds you into doing unspeakable things and that is what happened with Andre...

  16. The story was very captivating and nicely described. The things that love can make you do is astounding. Kudos!!!

  17. Fantastic plot and captivating narration.

    You are superb at thrillers :)

    Keep up the good work.


  18. Milana : I agree...obsessive love is dangerous. Thanks for your comment.

    Chatterbox: Welcome to my blog :) I am glad you liked it.

  19. BTW who was the other guy...dont tell me he was the realtor

  20. BTW who was the other guy...dont tell me he was the realtor

  21. nice ending...a twist of fate

    I have such a bad memory I can't remember where I read you following you...please read my poems if you find the time

  22. Extremely well framed sentences and captivating words.... like all your other posts :)

    You write wonderfully well.. Kp Up!!


  23. Thanks so much Richa :) I really appreciate your comment :)

  24. Well trod plot with interesting ending.Enjoyed thoroughly.

  25. Arrived via Indiblogger primarily because I had written a story with the _same_ title a few years back.

    Nice story - crisp narrative. Just a thought: you need to describe the instances that actually make the reader's 'blood boil' too! ;)


  26. I m so sorry but this story is gonna fetch me nightmares!!!!.. it always takes me all my brain power to overcome the imagination of losing someone... and this was just the Heights... i am sorry... the story is well written, i wish u didnt end it that way! at least he saw the sign before putting the bullet in her!... :(

  27. Othello ! :D

    Nice read.


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