'Foot in the Mouth - Gee I did it again moments'

Thankfully these incidents have become practically nil in my case but better half still has his moments in the spotlight

It all started with my birthday gift last year. At that time we were living in the Lancaster university family flats. I somehow never understood the reason as to why the front door to the flat had a automatic door closer. It meant that even if you want to just step out to get the vacuum cleaner which you have stacked on the staircase landing just outside your door you needed to carry your keys since there was a fear of you getting locked out if you did not manage to hold the door with one hand and drag the machine with the other.
So coming back to the incident, since my birthday was just a few days away better half (A) wanted to wrap the gift he had hidden in a box kept next to the vacuum cleaner.'A' got this brilliant idea (where all the brilliant ideas take birth) while doing his morning ablutions. Since I was away at work he thought it was perfect opportunity to do the gift wrapping session. He went out wrapped only in a towel and was happily digging out my gift when the door slipped from his fingers and banged shut locking him out without the keys or a cellphone to call for help.

Being just in a towel outside the house that too in the bitter cold of January in Lancaster is not a very pleasant idea.'A' scratched his brains and started calling out to a neighbour. After a few minutes the neighbour did come to the rescue and got duplicate keys from the porter and A was in the house with his dignity intact.

The recent incident is like a cherry on the cake. Again the event is my birthday and we are with friends in Manchester having dinner at 'Pizza Hut'. Scene -The waitress is taking our drinks order 'A' happily blurted out I want Diet coke 'Topless'.
Three of us and the waitress are looking at him with a big Q mark on our faces. The waitress is embarrassed and is fumbling for words and suddenly something clicks in A's brain...oops I mean Bottomless coke (limitless)...
We were literally in tears with laughter and 'A' turned pink and purple with 'gee I did it again' look on his face.

P.S: More to follow 'A' and his hilarious antics.


  1. Opps 'A' did it again hahahaahahahahahaahahahhahah

  2. Even though it is aimed at me, its absolutely hilarious..... More so due to teh way you have written it!!
    I can actually see the scene of me wrapped in the towel, shivering with cold and embarassment..... Thank God, Nishit came along, or the girls would have had a feast.....

    The last scene was actually one my best(or worst?) ones.... I dont know how do I manage to do this.... :(

    Anyway... Well written my dear better(?) half..

  3. awww my eyes had popped out when I heard u say 'topless' heheheh and I still remember the look the waitress gave you :)

  4. LOL-Aquarius-those were some funny situations...hats off to A for not losing his cool,specially in the first bday gift lockout!!:)

  5. hehehe actually A is kinda a shy and quiet chap so when he does these things its specially hilarious :)

  6. Aah...he's just like me..*grins*

  7. Ah foot in mouth. Think spouses specialize in that. I would tell u some stories but then i would have to kill you.

  8. heheheh cynic....this is a recent development in 'A's' case.I had plenty of them when I was newly married...

  9. Loved this one !Dont be mean Vinita.All of us have these moments !

  10. Loved this one !Dont be mean Vinita.All of us have these moments !


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