U me Aur Hum

A particular song from the movie "You Me Aur Hum" really inspired me to write this post...

अपने रंग गवाए बिन मेरे रंग में घुल जाओ
अपनी धुप बुझाये बिन मेरी छाऊ में जाओ
चलो यूं करे
तुम , तुम भी रहो ,मै, मैं भी रहूँ
हम हम भी रहे ,तीनो मिलके साथ चलें साथी जनम जनम के

You me Aur Hum.

This song aptly describes my relationship with my Hubby and soulmate Aniruddha...

I have heard people say there is one person made just for you in this lifetime and I am sure I ve found him..
We are so very different and yet go so well together....

I feel the sucess of any relationship lies in the fact that without changing your personality you are able to blend with somebody and so can the other person.
Just like the song I have always been able to be what I am and have tried to let him be too.

Though we have had major differences in opinions about a lot of issues....the fact always remained that we are individuals and will have seperate points of view...respecting each others individualistic personality has brought us so much closer....and has also added a new dimension to the way I think....
Aniruddha is wonderful person to be with.His patience and practicality has been an anchor for me through tumultous times.His whacked sense of Humor makes a lot of tense moments light...

His stubborness sometimes does make me want to scream...but I have accepted it as a facade for him to be what he is...

I am sure he too will have a lot to say on my skewed personality.

The fact remains that we have been together for nearly 10 years now and are still on the path of discovering new things about each other everyday..

I am glad I have found a life partner who is supportive of my beliefs and loves my idiosyncracies.

Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle .This is what truly epitomises Ani and me.


  1. yes U R correct...

    this is true when ever where ever a team wok is required...

    its essential for every successful relations...

    its base for our living... not only Husband N Wife...

    but even parent N child.. teacher n pincipal..


    every relation


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