"Sex Education in India" ,Still a Taboo.....?

Are we the same Country that gave "Kamasutra" to the world?
Hard to believe but its an alarming fact.

We are the same country that dishes out titillating Movies and Pop songs which scream of Sex,but are too shy to talk about it to our younger generation.Our media is flooded with images which definitely give rise to curious questions.Are we not being hypocrites.
What signal are we sending to the younger generation?

In spite of the rise in the number of abortions in adolescents.And reports about pre- marital sex happening ,we still turn a blind eye towards it.All under the guise of the so called "Indian Culture".

We have to keep in mind that ignorance and sex is a potent combination.By avoiding to talk about it we are in fact leaving them no option but to discover it by way of experimentation.
It still such a taboo to talk about the subject that many a time parents are shocked to know that their own kid, whom they thought is still too young has already started that experimentation.

Todays generation of kids are born into a world where AIDS is a harsh reality. By providing an environment in which they can be educated on Sex, AIDS and HIV will help us in the future to curb this epidemic.

The prime responsibilty lies with parents or guardians.The talk about "Birds and Bees" albeit difficult is quite necessary.By answering even their most private of questions, we will be able to reduce the frustrations and questions about their own Sexuality.

Its time we throw the veil of morality and bring the truth out in the open.By arming our younger generation with knowledge and information that they seek,we will be doing our own bit in fighting the monsters of HIV, AIDS and population explosion.


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