Kabootar Ja Ja Ja

Does it ever happen to you, that one of God's creatures manages to get on your nerves every time it flaps it's wings?

The title (Kabootar Ja Ja or Pigeon fly away) of this post aptly describes the feeling I have about Pigeons. These rats with wings have been hounding me everyday and have surrounded my house from everywhere. My house is under total lock down these days, with all the windows shut in the daytime, with only a little gap left for ventilation.
The culprits
 Every day, without fail, I am woken up not by the jangle of the alarm clock but by the scratching of claws on empty cardboard boxes stored on the kitchen ledge. Those dratted pigeons never fail to make an appearance early in the morning making that peculiar noise and dropping feathers everywhere. Even before I have managed to open my eyes completely, I am out of the bed, running behind these feathered monsters to shoo them away. Things have become so bad that these days, I have dreams of shooting these suckers with a gun. The other, day I threw a wooden coaster at one. It just gave me a disdainful look which said 'Missed me, ha ha' and flew away.

The pigeons in my society have lost all the fear of humans. Today, the kitchen window was left open by mistake and one wily pigeon took this opportunity and entered the house.It took a merry stroll all the way from the Kitchen to the Living room and even said a quick hello to hubs who was in the living room, before it got chased away.

Another specimen

I cannot figure out the usefulness of having so many pigeons all over the world. Apart from pooping everywhere, spreading diseases and troubling people like me, what do these birds actually do?

Pigeons are considered to be very intelligent (I have doubts) birds and were used to send messages in earlier time, especially during wars. I guess with Postal service and now because of Internet, they are jobless, except  getting roles in Bollywood Movies.

Come to think of it, these nasty birds are there everywhere. They were even there in the UK where you can see signs posted everywhere, 'do not feed Pigeons' or 'Pigeons carry diseases'. Even then you could see people feeding them. Here too a family from the building opposite to mine keeps feeding these birds everyday. They get free food and keep producing even more pigeons.

Bollywood might wax lyrical about the Masakalli of Delhi 6, the beloved Kabootar from the Movie 'Maine Pyar Kiya' or the Pigeon in the song 'Chadh Gaya Upar re' from the Movie 'Dala'l, I dislike these birds. They are a nuisance, especially because they are foul and end up making me feel like a 'Jack-in-the-box' every time these birds are nearby.

Disclaimer: No pigeons were harmed during the writing of this post, though there was an intense desire to catch hold of one and....... rest I leave it to your imagination.


  1. Oh I'm with you LP...I always wondered what the point of pigeons was! As you said, all they do is poop and spread diseases. Doesn't make sense to me. I hear your frustration.

  2. I thought I was the only one who had such feelings for pigeons! Glad to know I am not alone. Feathers and poop is all they produce :(

  3. Aah! It is the same story here!! I was so fed-up of their shitty poop and feathers that we decide to have net all around the 3 balconies, thereby destroying the free and beautiful view... but it had to be done!
    And now they create a new menace... sometimes they get entangled in the net, so, I have to wait for the maid or the hubby to come home and free them from the net but in those 3-4 hours I would have made a million visits to the balcony to see, if they are ok!? :|

  4. They are a menace all right! In Mumbai there are shops selling/setting up pigeon screens to prevent these pests from nesting.

  5. Ah, same title. I read a post by Blogwathi which carried the same title. Like minds, I see. Lovely. Vinita, I share your concern. Though these birds seem adorable and so on, sometimes they can be a nuisance esp their loud chatter.

    Joy always,

  6. For us it's the crows! Absolute pests and encouraged by people in the buildings around! They're so bold that they come in even when we're standing close by! They're not scared of Pablo either.

  7. I hate them too! They've taken to destroying all my saplings in the balconies these days, and it has been driving me crazy. I would cheerfully eradicate them all, if I could.

  8. pigeons ...yeah initially i was happy to see them and even having babies in my dry balcony ..but all that happiness vanished when they were pooping all over the place & pluck tendrils of my plants and dont let them grow. Now i have put up a net in dry balcony so that they dont make nest ..and give me some peace of mind

  9. Rachna Srivastava Parmar2 October 2012 at 11:47

    We have the bandars bothering us :(. These days they are sparing us. But, otherwise they are the worst vidhvansaks possible.

  10. hahhsaahhahahhahaha...I always start with giglling. when I read you...

    ..but true vini..couple of incidences to be shared.......about the feathered monsters..hahahha..rightly said...........my building too is surrounded by these e x post service men who seem to be retired .......my fights with them is something like....I have plants in my windows...I have very lovingly bought plants and theses pigeons would shamelessly jump on the trees and sometimes break them and my pots fall down and break.....I hate them for that...also the broken pot had become MATERNITY hOME..AND i HAVE TAKEN CARE OF THREE GENERATION IN MY GALLERY ONLY BECAUSE MY MOM SAID ..lets not trouble them or they will curse us more..........now my gallery had become maternity home with free nurses , me and my mom....finally I got over my fears and threw the pot away and Prayed for their safe journey ..............................
    They manage to enter when u do that sin of keeping it open by mistake..and if you dare to throw them away they will scare u wid their feathers..u r so vulnerable that moment.
    In my building there is one maid who is invited
    to every flat alternate day just to fight with these monsters ....she is happy doing it as we give her Bakshis for that

    as you said in my office thr was once lunchtime topic whether thy are really divine .....gods ....and so mixed expressions.....few say...they are unhygienic .and spread diseases...also white pigeons are good and not the grey..

    also one funny thing about them...my bedroom roof in the morning starts jumping and makes wild noise in the morning ...ai am not able to see..but i feel one of the romantic pigeon jodi must be having a good time :-}}}}}} by spoiling my morning sleep////
    whatever....... last but not least...my niece goes in the bathroom and when theses team start flattering their features in the windows and make irritating sounds....she comes out of bathroom fast...and my sis is happy for that...she is benefited as she reaches school on time

    ne ways....kabootar....ja...ja...ja....for sure...

  11. After suffering for a long time,I invested in a steel net .No kabooters and no machchars ! Loved reading this :)

  12. I dont know the reason, but ipigeons are plenty here in chennai, I dont see that many in other cities..

  13. Thanks PB :) Some people love pigeons and I feel these people are crazy..

  14. Same here..I was a little sceptical about writing this post. I thought people will think I am nuts...

  15. Oh it is difficult to watch birds in a net...it must be terrifying for them and you too.I had a net in my Mumbai house which was quite stiff so the birds never got entangled in them.

  16. I had these in my house when I was living in Mumbai. Mumbai has too many pigeons..

  17. Oh did you? I have not read that post. I used to think they are docile but I found them to be cunning..

  18. Yeah crows are equally nasty but I hardly get to see them in Pune.

  19. Pigeons stink and make so much mess. They also mate frequently so there is an overpopulation of pigeons just like humans :P

  20. We had the langurs bothering us when I was staying in Nagpur. They are quite bold too. One actually opened my fridge and ran of with some chutney..

  21. Oh these pigeons mate like crazy and keep having baby pigeons. I am sure you must be irritated with their nests and feathers. They poop everywhere too :(

  22. Thanks Sharmila :) good you did that..I live in a rental place so don't have that option..

  23. Renu, I think they are there everywhere. Mumbai is full of them and now Pune.

  24. Smitha, I know that feeling... I don't want to eradicate them but would sure like it if their population is controlled..


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