"Can I be your Friend ?" Syndrome

Too much connectivity with people can sometimes prove to be irksome...with the launch of social networking sites it has become more and more easier to be connected to people with a click of a button.

Friends of friends suddenly want to know whats new in your life....people whom you have not seen in like a decade suddenly come back in your life, which is good most of the times.

I have heard so many of my friends complaining that they frequently get messages like 'Will you accept my friendship?" or " I would like to be your friend" from people trawling the webworld looking for cheap thrills.

Same is the case with online Chats...... I am a chataholic who likes to chat with friends back home.That is my only link to India and people since, I am a lone worker at both the places I work and I crave conversation to break the monotony.

Somehow (I could never figure this out) but some of my orkut contacts got added to my Gmail chat list and people whom I had added on Orkut for some inane reason could see me online and chat with me on gmail....one such contact used to chat with me very infrequently with typical Hello's and Hi conversation.

Few days back this contact was online and the chat started off normally ,l I assumed the conversation will ebb as usual but I was mistaken. He started getting real personal and asking me questions about when I plan to have childrenand blah blah blah ....which kinda put me off balance... my immediate reaction was anger...but I gave an excuse of loads of work and logged off...

What is with people and boundaries??? Do they never understand the word - chat etiquettes or rather online behaviour....just because we cannot see each other physically does not mean to just ignore boundaries and limitations in conversations.

Dont forget you creeps and despos....that such a kind of thing will come back and bite you in the ass so, grow up!!!


  1. ...i have taken to lurking invisible for precisely the same reason. and the people who are most persistent are the ones i really wouldnt like to know all that well (if i did like them so much chances are i would have had their email/phone numbers anyways no?)

  2. how true....such creeps really make me angry....

  3. though I had no creepy experiences but annoying yes. Google has this feature (I guess it was added pretty recently) to automatically add people to your chat list with whom you had two way email exchange :(

    A lady friend of mine in past organization never kept a photo in her orkut profile (this was back when orkut had no privacy options) because of the creep people.

  4. hehehe thats a nice move....from your lady friend...Thanks for stopping by Quark....do keep on visiting

  5. hehehe thats a nice move....from your lady friend...Thanks for stopping by Quark....do keep on visiting


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