How to have fun on the beach

So you have decided to take in some Sun, Sand and Surf and are set to have a fun day on the beach. Pardon me, Mumbaikers, this post ain't for you. We all know the state of the beaches in Mumbai. For you to have fun on a beach, it should first resemble a beach and that is the most important part of the whole fun part.

And remember how much ever we love to ape the West, never ever visit the beach in Summer when in India, like they do. All you will get, is some charred skin and your will totally end up looking like a peeling carrot. Don't you think we are brown enough already? Try to visit a beach in the winter, that is when you will have the most fun.

There are some cheesy things you have to do on the beach. It is compulsory to do them else your body will be fed piece by piece to Zombies. Don't worry, I totally made that up. That is my hangover talking, after watching too much of the fabulous 'The Walking Dead'.

So back to the Beach, here is how to to have fun on the beach.

Building Sandcastles : All of us love to make them, admit it. Put that artist in you to work and VoilĂ ', you might just have something like this

My sandcastles end up looking like a poor man's hut more, than a castle. But the fun is in making them, right?

Taking endless walks on the beach: The waves splashing against your feet, as you walk bare feet on that smooth silken sand. There is nothing more therapeutic. Don't forget the crabs in the sand.

Write your name in the sand and wait for the waves to wash it away (That is the cheesiest photo I could find).

Collect shells: This was my favourite pastime, when I was younger, but I had to do this for hubs on this vacation. He wanted me to bring him one, with a pearl still inside it. Hey, shouldn't it be the other way around?

Watch the Sunset. Sunsets are always so glorious and spectacular on the beach. You can see the Sun slowly melt away in the waves. It is also very romantic.

If you have kids, then you can have a picnic on the beach. Carry some food in a basket. Have a blanket and you are all set to go.

Become a kid again. Jump into the sea and splash water on others who are with you. Pretty soon the whole gang will join you and you will end up having a lot of fun.

Click photographs and create memories. The waves look beautiful and you can have some exquisite pictures of the sand and surf.

Just relax and do nothing. If you are on a holiday to unwind, then absolutely not doing anything is the thumb rule. Lie back down on the sand with your favourite book and get lost in the story.

What is your favourite thing to do on a beach holiday?


  1. And the best places to do all this is away from the beaches in big cities like Mumbai and Chennai, of course! Great photographs and the loved the writing on the sand. What a wonderful way to write graffiti! The instinct to do it is fulfilled without defacing any monument!

  2. sigh.. its like a trip down memorylane.. sad as it is to say, its nearly 4 years since i have been to a beach. and i actually live near one...

  3. Hello hello hello, I thought you have forgotten my poor blog :P
    I agree, the best way to have fun is on a beach which is clean and quiet. Thanks Zephyr :)

  4. That is so sad :( poor people like us have to travel many miles to reach the beach. You must visit the beach and have some fun...hope my post motivated you enough...

  5. I can see that we have a love for the beach in common @februarygirl:disqus. Great post.

  6. Oh yeah I love beaches..I love the open sky and the waves :) Thanks Corinne..

  7. Aww Vinita, how can I forget you? I read them all and might have missed commenting on a couple. :)

  8. Love to go for a swim and come back with the waves during hightide followed by long walks on the beach at lowtide :)

  9. Zephyr...that is sweet. I feel I am a bit rusty when it comes to writing posts. I am writing after nearly two years. Some of them I have felt were not good enough. Just bear with me through this tough period :)

  10. I am jealous of people who know how to swim... I am going to learn it pretty soon :)

  11. Yet another thing I don't think about when I picture India -- beaches. That and zombies. The photo of the kids on that pipe is hysterical.

  12. Oh My should plan a trip to India pronto. There is a lot you been missing :) We have are own version of zombies in Bollywood movies.

  13. The last way is how I like to spend my time at the beach. Sun-baking and reading with swims in the middle. And no, I'm not brown enough! :D I like to get darker in the summer sun and am counting down the days to summer... that;s how my weekends are going to be spent weather permitting!

  14. That sounds like total relaxation :) Cannot dream of stepping out to have fun in Indian summer. Have fun on the beach and may you be blessed with lovely weather..

  15. These sand castles..... I always admire their skill. So much of planning, and all in the mind. As for your hut ... I mean castle, like you said its the fun in making them :-) By the way we should meet up. Send me a mail :-)

  16. Oh yeah..the sandcastles they make on the beach in orissa are so exquisite. Will drop you a mail soon :)


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