Enchanting Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is nestled between the Sahyadri mountain range and the Arabian Sea in the South west part of Maharshtra called as 'Konkan' or 'Kokan' as we call it in Marathi.

Hubs and I decided to visit this beautiful place, to unwind and relax. This was a long awaited break and we were looking forward to it. Ratnagiri did not let us down. We travelled by our car to Kolhapur to meet family and stopped over at Ratnagiri for 2 days on our way back .

The Western coast of Maharashtra is dotted with pristine beaches and you can just go in to a trance looking at the Sea. There are many untouched places and you can have the whole beach to yourself, especially in the off season. Here are some photos of our trip.

                               What is a beach holiday without a Pina Colada, eh?

 We stayed in 'Ratnasagar Beach Resort' which is bang on Bhatye Beach. It is a lovely place which has cottages right next to the beach and one can hear the roar of the ocean very clearly. You can walk to the beach in a matter of minutes.

                                      Not a soul to be seen- Bhatye Beach (Beach adjoining our Resort)

                      Relishing Surmai Masala Thali at 'Amantran Restaurant' in Ratnagiri Town
                      It is served with Kokam Kadhi or Sol Kadhi (Pink coloured) which is a
                                       digestive drink made from the Kokam fruit.                                  


                                    The birthplace of Lokmanya Tilak

                                              History of Ratnagurg Fort

                                                           Bhatye Beach

                                          A pier jutting out in the sea

                                               Lighthouse atop the Ratnadurg fort

                                    The scenic route between Ratnagiri and Ganpatipule
                                  One of the many beaches on the way to Ganpatipule

                                               The Ganpati temple at Ganpatipule
                                       A typical fishing village

You can enjoy authentic Malwani food here which is spicy and delicious. There is a generous use of Coconut in all the dishes.

Hubs and I had come for our Honeymoon to Ganpatipule more than 12 years back. We had visited Ratnagiri that time too. Things have definitely changed, but Ratnagiri still has the charm of a coastal town that is yet to be totally commercialised like Goa.

If you want a relaxing holiday and to enjoy good food, Ratnagiri is the place. Slap on that Sunscreen, wear those flowery beach shorts and be ready to lose yourself, as you walk the empty beach, singing ' Zindagi, kaise hai paheli hai', just like Rajesh Khanna, in the Movie 'Anand'.


  1. Would love to visit Bhatye beach and Ratnadurg fort after reading your post!
    Lovely pics!

  2. Excellent pics.... Both Ratnagiri and Ganapatipule are amazing...been there and done that

  3. Thanks Deepak :) try going in the off season. You can explore places much more easily.

  4. Lovely place. Would certainly love to visit

  5. That was a lovely read on the Ratnagiri coast. I haven't been to this place and your post has just made me wish to go there this weekend.

  6. Welcome to LP Sudha :) you must make a trip..it is really very very beautiful.

  7. wow wow wow I heard myself saying on all the pictures..

    and that pica colada looks tempting and yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  8. Thanks :)
    The Pina Colada was definitely yummy :)

  9. Thanks sis :) You come to India and we can plan a trip there.

  10. That title describes it best..Enchanting. Though my eyes still go back to the Surmai Masala and the pic after that !! :)

  11. Nice post! Glad you liked Amantran restaurant.

  12. Roshan I know what you mean :) It was super delicious...slurrrp

  13. Thanks for dropping in :) We loved the place. The restaurant at Ratnasagar was also quite good...

  14. Visited Konkan , around 2 years back when I was living in Pune. I had an amazing time there, loved the beaches, the atmosphere all around. Since then, I am itching to come back and have some more fun, but life in Delhi has taken a toll :(

    Miss Pune and all those little get-a ways all around. :(

  15. Just my kind of holiday - the beach, good food and peace. I'm wondering if this place you stayed at would allow us to take our dog. Must find out.

  16. It is a wonderful place Corinne. Why don't you check up with them? The Resort had two dogs of their own..a Lab and a Alsatian :)

  17. Oh yes Pune is my favourite place :) it is a wonderful city to live and of course all the lovely places to see around. You can visit me if you are itching badly :)

  18. Just checked their website - no pets allowed :(

  19. why not call and check. You never know..this is offseason. They might just allow..

  20. Ah, this post wants me to go there and check the place out. To borrow Corinne's place, this is "just my kind of holiday" where one can enjoy the place at one's own pace. Did it rain when you were there? And, the place is quite enchanting as your title rightly mentions!

    Thanks for coming by the Meanderings and stopping by to comment.

    Joy always,

  21. Wow!! This place sure is a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate!! Lovely pics and I soo wanna go there NOW!! :)

  22. Sanand Ramakrishnan30 August 2012 at 21:24

    I enjoyed reading this post and seeing the pictures. Pina Colada is a drink to enjoy in an enchanting beach place and it sure looks tempting. The Ganpati temple pic is also colorful and so are the beach pics. In a nutshell, you've had a great holiday and thanks for sharing some of the golden, marvelous moments with us.

  23. Vinita, this is so beautiful! The food pics left my mouth watering and what great pics! I love the one that shows the sea kissing the cliff and Paplet too ;). How far is it from Mumbai or from Bangalore?

  24. Oh it is a wonderful place. It rained a bit for a couple of hours but it cleared away fast. The pace is not hectic and you can just laze around and do nothing :)

  25. I know :) and it was so peaceful there I did not want to come back..Thanks Shilpa :)

  26. Oh the food was yum. The resort also has a good restaurant and the chef was really good with continental stuff..
    check their website..http://www.ratnasagarresorts.com/index1.html. From Pune it took me 7 hours driving time which included a lot of breaks. We were not in a hurry to reach home so went really slowly.

  27. Wow Vinita, Ratnagiri looks amazing! What a romantic place to go...and such yummy looking food. I'm a bit jealous, but I'll get over it. Perhaps some day I will travel outside of the US. Until then I'm happy to live in Florida where at least the beaches are lovely. Your photos were beautiful!!

  28. Thanks :) You must make a visit to India and I should make a trip to USA. The food was indeed delicious :)
    Florida is supposed to have beautiful beaches..I have seen them on travel shows...

  29. Looks like a nice place to be...


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