I am leaving on a Jet Plane

It is time for change and  time for a new beginning. Time to pack up the whole house and move back home to India. In a week’s time I would be sitting in a Jet Plane flying back home with Hubs by my side. Right now, I am sitting squashed between mounds of clothes and the sharp book ends and  knick-knacks lying around are digging into my posterior. 

I have tons of stuff to pack and do a lot of scrubbing and cleaning, all that work has put me over the edge. I swear, I have just 2 strands of hair left on my head..rest are all lying scattered as I have been pulling at them in frustration.

Is it possible to be happy and sad at the same time?

I guess its possible…I felt somewhat similar when my eldest sister got married and left for Mumbai and I finally got Mom and Dad all to myself…

This is the longest I have stayed in one town, the longest in any single home and the longest at any job (after marriage) hence I am feeling a bit wistful. But I am happy too, I am excited and thrilled to meet my family and friends after a long gap of three years…I am excited to see how much India has grown and progressed. I am scared too…(I know you’re thinking, Oh lord..this woman just cannot make up her mind about how she feels)…mainly because I feel I will need to learn a lot of new things and unlearn a lot of things. Having been cut off from India, the image of India in my mind is of how it was 3 years ago.

Things I will need to learn and unlearn…

1) Stop smiling at strangers on the street ( I am not loony) : Zephyr’s post is enough of a warning ..she has found out that people do not return her smile.

2) You cannot hop skip and jump on the pavement/footpath while listening to Music: Most times there won’t be a footpath

3) People honking the horns of their vehicles as if their life depended on it is an everyday norm.

4) No need to wash any utensils, the maid will help you out in that chore..yipeeeeee

5) No more ironing of clothes…double yippee (I hate this chore)

6) ‘Mitti ki Bhini Bhini Khushboo’ (Smell of damp earth after the rains) yummy…missed it so much.

7) Garam Garam Phulkas – Maa ke Hath ka Khana (Mom’s Cooking)

8) No sweaters, jackets and boots- Hello dust and pollution…

9) Shops are open till late and do not close at 5 pm.

10) Restaurants will serve authentic Indian Food…dying to bite into a Rossogulla (Indian Sweet).

11) Will not look forward to Summer anymore..but look forward to Winter.

12) Get used to the sound of fans whirring overhead and dispelling air around.

13) No need to shut windows and check if they are locked each night before going to bed.

14) Wear open toed sandals, no socks…cracked heels.

15) Cheaper haircuts, facials and manicure- I am loving it…

16) Too many people….claustrophobic…

17) Yummy roadside food…

18) Meeting friends…

19) Jobless…for the time being…

20) Mosquitoes.

21) Vehicles will not stop for you when you want to cross the road.

22) Cannot curse in Hindi…everyone knows the language :)

23) Milkman, laundry Man, Maid…everyone ringing your doorbell (I actually did not miss this in UK, it was a pleasant change).

24) No need to use the dryer to dry clothes..just hang them on a line…

25) The most important – Meeting family…and getting pampered by parents and in-laws.

I guess, the list is endless..

My heart is heavy too…I am saying goodbye to people who have been kind and generous to me. They have been like a family in this far off place and I will miss them. I will never forget the lessons life taught me in this country and helped to become a person I am today.

There's nothing that's so final about leaving
Even though I know that's what you've heard
Just like forgive, forget and try again
Goodbye is just another word.

- Lobo


  1. Hey.. I am happy for you and I am not as confused as you are to say that :p

    Welcome back!

  2. Super jealous and nostalgic and happy (for you) at the same time.... the list of things is endless.I miss home all over again ....I wish we could do the same !! (sigh)

  3. alll the verrrrrrrrrrry best LP. and Number 22 - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  4. Good Luck LP..I know what is coming back home-if not country..

    It's exactly the same situation that I've gone through a year back..only that you're shifting countries..I moved to cities !

    Yes,it's normal to be happy and sad at the same time :)

    ROFL @ 22

  5. eheyyy...good luck with the move back...believe me,I was in Abad during my last trip, and I was impressed...roads are better, traffic somewhat better managed,etc etc...so,it'll be good fun..:)Let me know what kinda job u'll be looking for..might be able to check with some of my friends there and help.:)
    Oh and how can I leave out a quip to::" You cannot hop skip and jump on the pavement/footpath while listening to Music: Most times there won’t be a footpath"....let me add-or worse, there might be a doggie/goat/cow/piggy following you wondering what you're carrying for them...or,worse still, cowdung on the road...when I walk on Baroda's streets, half my mind is on the music, the other half is keeping a close watch for all this 'stuff'.:)

  6. best wishes....
    tough to burn bridges and build anew!


  7. I can imagine being both happy n sad. N worse d amount of packing up 2 do..phewww.
    do put up a new pic with ur remaining two strands..LOL...its always comforting 2 know other girls also have hair probs..hehehhe
    Personally i suppose, m a glutton for material comforts. n so suppose wud nvr consider gng back home for good. I know it sounds terrible. love india to bits but lov comforts too..gosh before i sound more n more empty-headed lemme stop :P
    N ya isnt it lovely dat vr all bloggers halfway across the world from each other n v actually know wats happening in ur life thru ur words.. :) I love dat concept!

  8. Thats so true na. :) :)
    We get attached to the place where we stay as well as miss our own place :) :)
    Have fun at home and happy packing :P

  9. My sister too just moved back to India and she had the EXACT same list, including the maid and ironing parts! :D
    Happens I guess, when you stay away for so long! But you know India, it will always be a warm welcome back! :)

  10. Welcome back!! :)
    And all the very best for a new beginning!! :)
    Cheers!! :)
    PS : 22 is too cool!! :D

  11. :-D
    Very good list!!
    From what i hav seen India has changed a lot in d past couple of years. . Bt the things you mentioned havent changed at all!!! No worries! Hav a gr8 time!

  12. see!! M. Amit is tryng to scare u... come wid a open mind.. open heart.. and rest be taken care of... u ll find same creatures here as well too.. two legs two arms a big round thg (head) safely placed above the neck.. just the way u find it whr u r currently.. so need not worry baby.. just chill...
    and as far as smiling is concerned.. u cn smile.. wats wrong in that.. thr r just two possibilities.. either u ll get a smile in return or no smile at all... why to think know!!..
    "karm karo.. phal ki ichha mat karo"

  13. You know if you had said this like 20 years back - people would say are you crazy both in India and abroad. However, this is not the case now. I keep hearing - why not be in India now ? much more often than I ever did before. So much so that i am considering the same option.

    So,in a nutshell - like all places,things,people etc. - there will be good and bad. I am sure you've had difficult experiences while in UK isnt it? Likewise you will have some difficult experiences in India. Deal with it - just the same way you prepared your mind here to deal with difficult things do the same prep. for India.

    It all evens out eventually.

  14. I love that song.
    India has not really changed that much in 3 years. The pollution is more. Honking has become worse as there are more cars on the road. People do occasionally smile back though they give you a strange look if you smile first. And the mitti ki bhini bhini khushboo has been transformed into the yukky muck smell, at least in Mumbai. But what the heck, there is no place like home and the food is still great. Welcome back.

  15. Congratulations LP :)
    It's always good news when you are going back to live with your family and friends :)

    It's going to be a sea change and a lot of hard work to get adjusted and make a big move, but you are finally going where everything you love exists :)

    Best wishes for the new start :)


  16. Welcome back. And can really understand your feelings about being happy and sad at the same time. Not much change here except more traffic with Nano too and sea bridge and higher cost of living.

  17. I understand what you are feeling - both happy as well as sad:-) Just go with the flow and be positive..Every place has its +ves/-ves, you just need to figure what you can let go and what you can live with!! All the best..

  18. Welcome back home :D

    lol @ Cannot curse in Hindi!!! U seriously did that??? :D :D :D

    If I may ask so, where will u be based in India?

  19. welcome back, give me a call whenever u are free. bye

  20. Home, is always the "sweet" home, no matter what it is, and isn't. And you begin to appreciate it more, the farther away you are from it (much like Laxman's cartoon strip).

  21. Home is always a fun place to be at. I am sure you'll love your visit even though, the list says a lot.
    Hope you have a safe trip...:)

  22. Wow you're coming back to India. Yayyyy! :D
    But are you never going back? just curious.
    *Sings'Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaye re....' in the background*

  23. Was this always on the cards? Best wishes on your journey back! And hope all goes well. So where in India are you headed back to???

  24. Home thweet home.....

    Hey you can smile at me, I ALWAYS smile back :))

  25. Hi Vinita.... i am reading your blog after having been away for long on account of family reasons.

    Welcome back to India..... sure there are good thing and bad things here but since you are an Indian you know what to expect already... the list is exhaustive :). Happy shifting!

    Which city??

  26. Welcome back home LP! Where to in India, if I may ask so?

    That was ROFL and sad at the same time. Just as you are happy/sad/confused, your post evoked mixed feelings. Don't worry, this is home and you will get back in stride sooner than you expect. you will have a maid, see? And you can hop all you want on the pavements, in fact, you will HAVE to, what with all kinds of stuff you have to avoid stepping into! :)

    I'm trying to imagine how you look with just '2 strands' on your head? :D

    And thanks a ton for linking to my post!

  27. Wow!! Welcome back LP :)

    //2) You cannot hop skip and jump on the pavement/footpath while listening to Music: Most times there won’t be a footpath//

    Ha,ha true :)

    But like you have listed there are compensations :)

  28. Hilarious that Non cursing in Hindi thing...

    Welcome back Lady

  29. :) Nice. I can imagine what it feels like. Even going home which is just 150 km drive exhilarates me. Your happiness is justified. :)

  30. Awwww, V, I feel like I'm losing a friend in UK..not that I plan to be there much longer..but still..:( It is a mixed bag, isn't it? Packing and moving back...It will be fun, but the relaxed way people react, the quality of life and lifestyle that you were used to even in a small city like Lancaster might be missing in a small Indian city...But Home is HOme...I think you will have a lot to chew over...:)

  31. oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!
    welcome home!!! now this is exciting news!! so where in India???

  32. What a mixture of anxiety, anticipation, sadness, and curiousness! What part of India will you be returning to? Definitely a culture shift living in one country and returning home in a few years.

  33. You have been tagged – roped you in to participate in a mad list that is going around blogosphere – Check out Girls have all the fun

  34. Very nice post. I'm sure you'll have to re-learn many things you've forgotten and unlearn many things you've picked up in the UK.

    Through it all, I hope you continue to post on your experiences so those of us still abroad can learn from you.

    Best wishes and safe travels!

  35. i think it is a double edge sword..both the places have some pitfalls and some pluses..depends on what you are ready to give up and what must stay..but reading your post i think you are pretty much prepared and you will have a good time...all the best dear:)


  36. a warm welcome LP, although i'd like to reserve my comments on things good and bad...just hoping you settle down nice and easy..

  37. LP :)
    Pretty cool you're so happy you're coming back to India.
    I moved to India 4 years ago, and my city has developed pretty fast since then till now. I don't know which city you'll be staying in, but expect to see a fair amount of change!
    P.S. And more trash all around the place, more dust, more pollution, more squishy muck on the pavement :D

  38. Welcome back! It might be going to be little difficult to adjust but then India shall embrace you back ;)

    No need to shut windows and check if they are locked each night before going to bed are you sure???!!! :O

  39. welcome back...I returned to Mumbai after ten days at KL to people breaking queues AND not smiling at strangers :(


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