Funny Poem

As a rule
Man is a fool
When its hot
He wants it cool
When its cool
He wants it hot
He always wants
That which is not


Read this funny poem and it was so true had to put it on my blog

And they call women complicated...... :)


  1. Hi Honey,

    I beg to differ about this post and I will tell you why...

    Remember we went shopping (that one time out of zillions) when you asked me to choose between a black dress and a white dress, so you could buy it...
    Well I chose the black and u ended up buying the white one...

    If i speak too much, you say I am too chirpy for you. If I dont, u say I dont like tot talk to you anymore...

    You ask me what I would like to eat, I say Fried Rice and then you say Nahhh... Lets eat noodles and you order them...

    And you say Men are complicated!!!!!



  4. Haha! Very nice poem... but would be more funny if we change it to 'woman' instead of 'man' :)

    But I liked Aniruddha's comments more...hehe...he has supported his argument with an example and parted a second blow with a cartoon!'s 2-0 to Aniruddha!!!

    ~ Kaustubh

  5. That's wat all men think.....driving skills hahahha...they never stop to ask for directions and keep going in circles...till his wife/gf stops him to ask someone for directions....

    Cartoon or no cartoon...women maketh a man....

  6. i simply agree with you Vinni.....i mean how difficult is it to ask for directions!!!!
    We ended up going three kms north instead of east one day cause of this....uffff!!!!


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